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Web3 CEO – Executive Search: $260,000/yr – $320,000/yr · Full-time · Executive

About the job

We are a crypto company actively looking for a CEO/Co-Founder to take over and lead the rebrand and relaunch of our project and make it their own.

Information about the project:

  • We have a top level encrypted chat we have been working on for months that is now finally ready to be released (Web 3 Enabled)
  • We have a working social platform that can be used as any social platform we’d like. (Web 3 enabled)
  • The platform has post time feed. It can be used like a twitter or linkedin or any platform.
  • We have an nft collection being created right now and will be ready to mint very soon.
  • The project will be an incorporation, incorporated in a country we decide on.

What we are looking for:

  • Someone with experience leading crypto projects, both on the development and marketing sides.
  • Someone who has a vision and wants to actively come in and help achieve that vision
  • Someone with experience leading teams and making tough decisions when need be
  • We are looking for someone to look under the hood of the project and do their diligence.

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