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United States

5-7 years of Experience

Web3 Product Manager

A Web3 Product Manager with 6+ years in the crypto/web3 space and 8 years’ experience overall. Armed with extensive financial and technology experience in the traditional space with an entrepreneurial spirit.  Having set out to bring the digital world into antiquated sectors, they hope to help bridge the gap between web2 and blockchain.


Web3 Strategy Head – 2022- present

Web3 Technology

  • Tasked with leading strategy, operations, and development of the NFT platform.
  • Built out a Web3 enabled e-commerce solution, capable of bringing NFT technologies to the masses through physical and digital assets.
  • Ideating, designing, and developing the next iteration of commerce and Web3 based tools and products for the masses.
  • Expanding on new and existing client relationships, consulting, developing, and launching strategies for corporations to leverage Blockchain, Metaverse and NFT technology.

Vice President, Corporate Development  – 2021 – 2022

Digital Assets

  • Expanded the digital capital markets infrastructure and added to the firm’s capabilities in both spot and derivatives.
  • Worked with portfolio companies to expand their offerings, increased their valuation and support in their evolution.
  • Brought institutional investors exposure into the age of digital assets, by developing strategic opportunities, stable infrastructure, and future focused product offering.
  • Sourced, analyzed, and allocated funds on numerous venture capital investment opportunities.