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United States

8+ years of Experience

Web3 Product Designer

A full stack product designer with 8+ years experience, working in web3 for 2 years, specifically in the NFT space, building out products on FLOW, Eth, and Near. Work on Flow was for brands including CNN, UFC, and YouTube. Also launched Wallride, a web AR NFT tool on Solana, in 2021. While in web2, our candidate built ContextGrid, an augmented reality startup that raised capital from Keith Teare and General Catalyst. Besides working on their own products, they have additionally built complex user-centric products for brands like JPM, Bayer, Walmart, Embraer Jets, and Publicis, among many others.

8+ Years of Experience

Freelance Web3 Product Designer: 2022 – Present

  • Salsa – Designed the UX/UI for group chat features on top of POAPs, which is now their main selling point
  • Solana Monke Rejects – Designed the UX/UI for an NFT art upgrade experience.

Founding Product Designer  Р(NFT Brand Studio): 2022

  • Built a suite of NFT tools for UFC, YouTube, Google, and CNN to publish, sell, and retain customers
  • Created design rituals, presentations, file mgmt, & process
  • Lead design for a custodial wallet solution for brands, resulting in interest from Mastercard as a customer
  • Managed 1 designer

Web2 Product Designer – (Various Companies): 2015 – 2021

  • Worked for Embrear, Publicis, Digitas, JPM, ContextGrid & More