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United States

12+ Years of Experience

Lead Full-Stack Software Engineer

Expert Lead Full-Stack software engineer, specializing on design and development modern WEB3 (Crypto/NFT) SPA and SAAS applications using JavaScript/TypeScript (React & Vue & Svelte & Stencil & Angular & Ember) and Node/Go using monolithic, microservices, serverless architectures based on AWS, Azure and Google cloud services.


Freelance Lead Full-Stack Developer: 2020 – Present

Stored and controlled code, using Bitbucket, GitHub, and GitLab as sources for a distributed version control system

Used CI/CD, pipelines, and Jenkins for deployment and release control

Tracked and fixed bugs, using Monday, Jira, and Trello as reporting tools

Implemented a cryptocurrency coin components-based wallet (coin actions), explorer (reviews read-only transactions, statistics, and analytics), and swap (used for coin exchange from-to and to-from)

Implemented cryptocurrency coin exchange API integrations, usually with a specific API for a specific coin

Integrated payment systems for banking, cards, and two-way binding coins and money transfers

Freelance Lead Front-end & Back-end Developer: 2017 – 2020

Delivered in-person training internally and for multiple external partners. Stayed up to date with company technologies and helped internal and external team members be on the same page

Designed and developed a highly loaded SPA/SaaS with a 100% responsive design for mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop devices and all browsers

Stored and controlled code, using GitHub and GitLab as sources for a distributed version control system

Built a 100% microservices architecture based on Node.js, Express.js, Molecular, Queues, and SQL and NoSQL databases

Implemented a load balancer for services and databases, allowing for as many customers as needed without horizontal and vertical scaling problems

Managed a team of 3-10 members, focusing on milestones, sprints, task preparation, timeline planning (using Gantt charts, Jira, and Confluence), daily calls under custom Scrum with weekly demos, pull requests reviews, and code quality control

CTO – (Web/Mobile Development Studio): 2016 – 2017

Led planning and development of technology strategy, architecture, and functionality; UI/UX; and API integrations

Served as a team leader and senior developer for a successful startup (from scratch), using Vue, React, Angular, Node.js, TypeScript, and a 100% responsive UI/UX

Stored and controlled code, using GitHub and GitLab as sources for a distributed version control system

Set up automated unit and E2E tests (front end and back end), to ensure that sections met their requirements

Tracked and fixed bugs, using Jira and Trello as reporting tools

Conducted final technical interviews with successful candidates and stayed involved in hiring and firing employees

Led technical and motivational calls with team members and performed code and quality reviews