About the candidate



United States

5-7 years of Experience


An accomplished speaker with 7+ years in the crypto space and 20 years in the traditional space. Exudes professional leadership, management and operational awareness. Cohesively orchestrates competing efforts. Industry-leading authority on cryptocurrencies including business methodologies and government regulatory efforts.

  • Direct Report Leadership
  • Planning and operations
  • Public speaking
  • Cryptocurrency investigations
  • Training, coaching and mentorship
  • Expert witness
  • Financial investigation
  • Decentralized finance
  • Digital assets


CEO 2022 – present

Crypto Mining

  • Represents, sets the vision, leads and grows the company through leadership and professional guidance in a fast paced and uncertain market.
  • Maintains executive oversight of strategic expansion. Maintains and hosts cryptocurrency mining sites with 17k mining units running 24/7 with several additional sites under construction and scheduled to begin operations in early 2023. Capacity will be over 75 megawatts of power.
  • Manages more than 140 million dollars in bitcoin mining assets from one of the few profitable cryptocurrency mining sites in business today.
  • Direct reports: CFO, CCO, General Counsel, Operations Manager.

COO  2021 – 2022

Blockchain Fintech

  • Held up to a 1 billion USD custody for fiat currency deposits.
  • Oversaw the different divisions managed by independent executives such as the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Trust Officer and Chief Technical Officer. These were direct reports.
  • Carried the vision of the CEO forward by ensuring key deliverables were completed as assigned and on time. This was managed by leading the various departments and resources reporting to them daily.
  • Provided strategic guidance on crypto, decentralized finance and decentralized exchange business lines.
  • Determined the best paths forward based on changing regulatory environment of cryptocurrency and digital assets, mainly stable coins and trust operations.
  • Maintained reporting on trust operations and compliance performance.
  • Current personal background investigation completed.
  • Direct Reports: CFO, CCO, General Counsel, HR Manager, Executive Coordinator.